Introductory Blog

Welcome to Green Ladies N.I. We are delighted that you are interested in our products and have stopped by to have a look. We want to quickly share our journey with you and help you understand why these products are important to us and you.

Meet the Green Ladies

Tracy, a former hairdresser and Siobhan, a local singer-songwriter began the Green Ladies journey in 2015 on a travelling trip to France. Tracy had newly retired from two decades of working in the hairdressing industry and found immediate benefits by reducing her exposure to the chemicals that are commonplace in that environment. This led to further investigation about the products we use daily, what kind of chemicals go into them and the effects of those chemicals. Deodorant and antiperspirant were top of the list and Tracy decided to do some research and conduct an experiment while they were campervanning around France.

Siobhan, who already had a keen interest in aromatherapy and holistic living joined in on the experiment and they found it took nearly 4 weeks to detox from regular deodorant/antiperspirant. The aluminium and parabens used in many of these products block the sweat ducts in the armpits and there is concern that these chemicals might be absorbed by the user. Sweating has become a taboo and chemically altering this perfectly natural process has become the norm, but the Green Ladies wanted to change that.

Back home, Siobhan developed a recipe for an all-natural deodorant that uses only nourishing ingredients and beneficial essential oils. After a few attempts she found a recipe that worked well and smelt great so now the next step was to package it. We wanted our product to reflect our core values – respect and compassion for ourselves and our environment, so plastic was never an option. We sourced biodegradable cardboard tubes and printed our own Kraft labels and within a few months we were almost ready to go into business.

With Tracy`s entrepreneurial skills and Siobhan`s recipe the Green Ladies N.I was formed in September 2018 and as a company have gone from strength to strength with stockists in NI across the Health and Beauty Industry where they share the aim to promote eco-friendly and natural living that`s good for you and mother nature.

Cosmetics with a conscious.